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Main » 2008 » October » 15 » [Air-l] Journal CFP: Beyond Broadcasting - TV For The 21st Century
[Air-l] Journal CFP: Beyond Broadcasting - TV For The 21st Century
2:39 AM
The broadcast era is over. The twentieth-century broadcast model of 
centralised, one-way transmission of pre-packaged content to large,
simultaneous audiences is increasingly challenged and complemented by newer
approaches. Content, distribution channels, geographical constraints,
production values, business models, regulatory approaches and cultural
habits are changing as the new media technologies empower users in
unexpected ways and increasingly recast TV as something that audiences
create as well as watch. Cheap hardware and software allow anyone to produce
original or 'mashed-up' videos. The ubiquity of camera-phones and CCTV
redefines reality television. Higher-quality resources bring near-broadcast
quality to video blogs and citizen journalism. Affordable editing resources
allow creative re-mixes of low-brow soap-operas. And sites such as You Tube
demonstrate the online demand for such non-traditional video productions.

Such media forms are unlikely to replace television as we know it. But they
will displace it. This issue of 'Media International Australia' invites
contributions that are able to push forward our thinking about television.
The following gives some indication of the range of possible topics, but is
not intended to rule out other questions.

* What is television in the twenty-first century? Should our definition of
television change? If television is considered a cultural habit, what new
habits are emerging?

* Does television require an industry? How are audiences reinventing
themselves as producers?

* What are the relationships between free to air, pay TV, public
broadcasting and emerging new formats?

* What are the impacts of new distribution models, both legal and illegal?

* What impacts do the new technologies and habits have on traditional
institutions, policies and regulatory frameworks?
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