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Views: 7152 | Added by: admin | Date: 2010-07-19 | Comments (0)

Great video about success by Richard St. John (from TED)

Views: 7000 | Added by: admin | Date: 2009-11-26 | Comments (0)

Website which would make publishing simpler and which would connect writers and authors.

Information will be mainly created by users. I will provide only tools which would help to create infomation.

Participation is very important in my project, as it is built on user participation and generating content.

For the users, experience is not necessary. Everyone will be able to create and publish their work on the website.

Data and software needed for the website:
- text
- images
- video/animation (Flash or anything else)
- design (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash)

Examples of existing content:

Dream Team:
1. Experienced designer (web-designer) who is familiar with Flash and building commercial websites (as my website will require build-in payment ... Read more »
Views: 6911 | Added by: admin | Date: 2009-11-08 | Comments (0)

My preliminary research will be based on survey. I created it and sent it to prospective future users of my service. The original survey is on Russian, but I copied it and translated into English for you to have a look

I made it short (9 questions only), first, because surveymonkey allows you to only have 10 questions with basic account, and second, because, I don't think a lot of people would respond to longer survey...

This is preliminary research to get to know the audience, their tastes and demands which will allow me to continue with the research and building the service.

I have already got 7 responses, I will close the survey on Friday.
We'll see what the results will be :)
Views: 7102 | Added by: admin | Date: 2009-10-14 | Comments (9)

What: I will study the publishing market in the Ukraine as long as the quantity of books published per year along with the quantity of new authors. I will also do marketing research to study the demands of potential consumers.

I think the project is important, as it will give opportunity to people easily and inexpensively publish and distribute their work

Taking into consideration the challenges (the distance and shortage of time), I will mainly use surveys and interviews which I will conduct using Internet

Sample survey questions:

1. Do you write feature stories, novels, poetry etc.? (if yes, what exactly)
2. Would you use the self-publishing website? (if no, why)
3. Would you use it as a reader? A writer? Both?
4. If you would use it as a reader, what type of books would you buy?
5. What price of book would you consider acceptable for you to buy? (price for a book, for a brochure, for a book on go ... Read more »
Views: 5503 | Added by: admin | Date: 2009-10-11 | Comments (6)

Design concept
My concept is to develop a self-publishing website where users will be able to create, design, publish and distribute printed content created by themselves (books, photo-albums etc.).

Communication goal
The goal is to provide a website where people will be able to publish their work and to distribute it. The website will be interactive so that authors could get feedback on their books.

Choice of media
The media I will use are Internet (on the first stage) and books/printed materials (on the second stage). Initially I will design the website only, but eventually I will have to design some possible layouts for books, book covers, so that users could use them when creating their publishing material.

Ideas of exploration

Mainly I will explore by interviewing and making surveys with target audience.

My audience
My first target audience are mainly young people (17-35) living in the Ukrai ... Read more »
Views: 8066 | Added by: admin | Date: 2009-09-29 | Comments (0)

When I first got to know what self-publishing is and how it works, I decided to incorporate that idea in my home country. That would not only help some people to publish their works and ideas, but I believe it would help publishing of academic and educational literature (it's a problem to publish something for professors there because of bureaucracy).

I would start my project as a self-publishing website (which will publish and distribute), but later on (depending on its popularity and demand) I would add social networking feature there (so that writers could communicate with the readers etc.)

Actually, there won't be any straight competitors as there is no self-publishing websites in the Ukraine.

As for similar projects, one of my favorites is (it's also the most user-friendly to my mind). Some other projects:

Though at first (while first promoting the ... Read more »
Views: 6506 | Added by: admin | Date: 2009-09-22 | Comments (0)

Things that inspire me:
- Color


- Simpicity/Minimalism

- Black&White

- Modern architecure

- Nature
- Art-house and independent movies
- Beautiful pictures ( - website of one of my favorites photographers)
- Beautiful shots in the movies
- Different cultures
- Philosophical parables and interesting stories (for example, this one ... Read more »
Views: 6379 | Added by: admin | Date: 2009-09-11 | Comments (1)

It's so weird that all text messages has the same price - 6 cents... Those which tell "I love you", "I don't want to see you any more", "I don't care", "she died", "please, buy yogurt and bananas"... and all the others... All have the same price... It's so weird...
Views: 6307 | Added by: admin | Date: 2009-07-02 | Comments (0)

Views: 901 | Added by: admin | Date: 2009-06-11 | Comments (0)

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