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Main » 2009 » September » 29 » Design topic, description and goals
Design topic, description and goals
1:04 AM
Design concept
My concept is to develop a self-publishing website where users will be able to create, design, publish and distribute printed content created by themselves (books, photo-albums etc.).

Communication goal
The goal is to provide a website where people will be able to publish their work and to distribute it. The website will be interactive so that authors could get feedback on their books.

Choice of media
The media I will use are Internet (on the first stage) and books/printed materials (on the second stage). Initially I will design the website only, but eventually I will have to design some possible layouts for books, book covers, so that users could use them when creating their publishing material.

Ideas of exploration

Mainly I will explore by interviewing and making surveys with target audience.

My audience
My first target audience are mainly young people (17-35) living in the Ukraine. Though later on I will try to widen my project to older audience, I will start with yonger audience, as they are more active on the web and research with them will be more demonstrative.

My clients
My clients are potential users of my service - people who like writing and do it for pleasure.

Goals of me, my client and audience
The short term goal is to make a design that would attract young people to the service and make it popular. The long term goal is to incorporate some changes, or find some marketing solutions to attract older audience as well.

Why people will want to watch/visit/interact with my media design
With the self-publishing service I am going to offer (design), people will be able to publish their written work and even distribute it making some money. This will be the one of a kind such service in the Ukraine.
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