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Main » 2008 » November » 6 » Matrix. Transmedia Storytelling. Extracts from Henry Jenkins' book
Matrix. Transmedia Storytelling. Extracts from Henry Jenkins' book
11:26 PM
The prerelease advertising for the first film tantalized consumers with the question, “What is the Matrix?” sending them to the Web in search of answers. Its sequel, The Matrix Reloaded (2003), opens without a recap and assumes we have almost complete mastery over its complex mythology and ever-expanding cast of secondary characters. It ends abruptly with a promise that all will make sense when we see the third installment, The Matrix Revolutions (2003). To truly appreciate what we are watching, we have to do our homework.

…works are attracting 3 very different kinds of consumers: “the actively engaged real-time viewers who find suspense and satisfaction in each single episode; the more reflective long-term audience who look for coherent patterns in the story as a whole; the navigational viewer who takes pleasure in following the connections between different parts of the story and in discovering multiple arrangements of the same material” (Janet Murray).

Transmedia storytelling is not new – Jesus Christ in Middle Ages, Homer's “Odysseus” also relied on knowledgeable audience.

“Lord of the Rings” – Our hope is that you would play the game and that would motivate you to watch the films with this new piece of knowledge which would shift your perception of what has happened in the previous films.

Knowledge communities – gathering information, tracing allusions, constructing timelines. Nobody “got it”, but the community dig deeper into the bottomless text.

The Matrix may be the next step in the process of cultural evolution – a bridge to a new kind of culture and a new kind of society. In a hunting culture, kids play with bows and arrows. In an information society, they play with information.
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Coach's ceo, Lew Frankfort, mentioned the company will relocate its corporate headquarters and just one, 500 employees from its current offices along thirty fourth Street into the new building. Even though the site are not some sort of manufacturing facility, employees there will probably include artists who create Coach's selections, prototypes along with limited edition merchandise.ミュウミュウ 財布 The tower is a part of a proposed 26acre mixed employ project, currently being developed over productive railyards by Related Companies, in partnership with Oxford Properties Group. The master policy for the venture includes 6 mil square feet of economic work place, a single million square feet of list space, your five, 000 rentals in nine residential buildings, the 150room hotel room, a cultural center, and a new general public school. The web page could well be reachable by a new off shoot of the No . 7 subway brand, which can be scheduled to be completed through December 2013. Christine D. Quinn, the speaker from the City Council, praised Discipline for the selection to move to be able to Hudson Gardens. "Finally, we're going to give you a constructing as nice as the pocketbooks, very well she stated.

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